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Hostinger Review: Is it truly worthwhile to purchase Hostinger?

Hostinger Review: This Hostinger India review is based on my recent web hosting experience with Hostinger India.

Hostinger Review

My website was recently transferred from Bluehost India to Hostinger India. I wasn’t expecting much in terms of speed, uptime, and core web essential performance.

But I was utterly taken aback when I discovered that my core web vital score was in the good category and that all URLs were in good state.

This saved me roughly $49/year, which is approximately 3700 Rs. WP Rocket is a caching plugin for faster website loading.

After evaluating Siteground, Digital Ocean, and Cloudways, I was confident that I needed to utilize a premium cache plugin for the fastest speed and a high core web importance score.

On TechyWala, we use the lightest WordPress themes, Generatepress and Cloudways, yet the majority of the URLs are in the Needs Improvement category.

Cloudways is without a doubt one of the greatest hosting companies, and we host more than three websites on a single server. However, even without any advanced optimization or care, we were able to achieve a very strong core web vital score on Hostinger India.

I won’t mention the website’s name here, but I will definitely share the website’s performance on hostinger in this hostinger India review article.

If you have a website targeted at Indian audiences, Hostinger India is a great alternative because it is much less than other hosting options.

So, if you found this essay beneficial and are considering purchasing hostinger, I have a great offer for you. To learn more about the deal, continue reading this article till the end.

Why did I switch from Bluehost India to Hostinger?

Bluehost was created in 2003 and is a subsidiary of Endurance International Group (EIG) and BizLand, which have merged to form Newfold Digital.

Many hosting firms, including Hostgator, Bigrock, and Bluehost, are part of EIG.

As members of one alliance, these enterprises pool their support agents and resources to maximize profit.

Hostinger was created in Lithuania in 2004. Hostinger was previously known as Hosting Media before being renamed Hostinger after achieving 1 million members globally in 2011.

One of the most crucial aspects of Hostinger is that after 2019, it converted its Apache Server to the most powerful and latest server, the Litespeed Web Server.

In terms of performance, Litespeed web server outperforms Apache.

One of the key reasons I switched from Bluehost to Hostinger was the Litespeed webserver. Another reason for the move was downtime.

My website was down most of the time with Bluehost India, and my inbox was flooded of emails complaining downtime.

Bluehost is a well-known brand, but my experience with Bluehost India was disappointing. You may learn more about Bluehost India by reading our Bluehost India review.


SpeedDepends on Website size and optimization but is much better than other hosting options available
Uptime100% since March 23rd, 2022
Core Web Vitals ScoreGood for all URLs
Backup FacilityWeekly backup on Single and Premium
Daily backup on Business Web Hosting
ServerLitespeed Server
Control Panelhpanel (similar to Cpanel)
MigrationFree migration available
Free DomainAvailable on Premium and Business plans
SupportChat and email support only
PricingCheapest starting from Rs. 69/month.

Why Hostinger is a Good Choice?

Increased Uptime

When considering purchasing hosting, uptime is a critical factor to consider. So, what exactly is uptime, and how can it be measured?

Uptime is the amount of time your website is up, whereas downtime is the amount of time your website is offline.

I strongly advise you to measure uptime if you run any website. Uptime Robot is the tool I use to track uptime.

You can see in this image how frequently my website went down when it was hosted by Bluehost India.

Now look at the uptime over the last 28 days. When I switched from Bluehost to Hostinger, it was down for 3 hours. However, following this, my website never went down last month.

I purchased this package from Hostinger India and believe it is worthwhile.

Important: If you purchase hosting using this link and provide a receipt to, we will give you a bonus. You will receive a premium generatepress theme as well as assistance with the installation of WordPress or the transfer of a website from an older hosting platform as part of this incentive.

Core Web Vitals

Another critical consideration when purchasing hosting is speed. If your website is down, you will lose traffic and, eventually, business. However, as you are aware, even a few seconds of delay in page loading has an impact on website ranking and revenue loss.

Google released Core Web Vitals as a statistic for measuring page performance in May 2020.

This critical web data is plainly visible in the Google Search Console. Before purchasing Hostinger, I was very certain that I would need to get WP Rocket and cloud hosting in order to reach fundamental web vitals.

I never imagined Hostinger India shared hosting and the Litespeed Cache plugin could work so well together.

But they did it, and the outcome is shown below.

This is the outcome of a live website where the majority of traffic is from mobile devices, and there are numerous advertisements running on this website.


I’m measuring the page loading speed using another tool,

The load time is less than one second, and the performance grade is good. However, I need to focus on page size and request volume, which are both too high for my website.

On Pingdom, I used the North America Server, despite the fact that the server is actually located in India.

Response Time

Here, I’m using another tool called bitcatcha to test server responses from various locations.

Except for India, the response has been very positive. However, even in India, it is less than one second. It may be high in India because it is a live site with visitors from India.

In this price level, Hostinger’s performance and uptime are extremely impressive. Furthermore, because it is shared hosting, speed and response time may be reduced.

If your blog is growing, shared hosting will suffice, but if you have a lot of traffic, you should consider hosting through cloud hosting or cloudways.

Also Read: Cloudways Review 2023 Pricing, Features and Pros & Cons

I’m not sure how much traffic shared hostinger can manage.

Let me clarify: the Hostinger Premium hosting plan can handle up to 25000 visits per month. And, based on other people’s experiences, I believe it can handle even more.

Backup and Security

Security and backups are just as important as speed and uptime. Hackers are always monitoring your website.

If somebody were able to gain access to your website, all of your hard work may be simply undone.

To keep your website safe, Hostinger offers various tiers of fail-safes, RAID-10, and daily or weekly backups.

RAID is a sophisticated method of storing data across several hard drives to improve speed, redundancy, or both.

Hostinger also offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with lifetime access. SSL installation with hostinger is as simple as a single click.

Hostinger provides SSH access for a secure encrypted connection to your server for convenient file and database management.

To administer your remote servers safely, utilize SFTP tools such as Filezilla or putty.

Hostinger claims to have created an in-house WAF (Web Application Firewall) that protects against DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

You can use Cloudflare name servers for added protection, as Hostinger provides easy access to Cloudflare through its UI.

Technology and Interface

The inode count is the number of files and directories in the user account. It includes all of your server’s files, folders, emails, and other data.

Hostinger provides clear data on inode count so you can estimate how many files can be kept on the server.

Using the cache plugin, you can clear up inodes. As I previously stated, Hostinger offers the LightSpeed Cache plugin, which is fantastic and works best with a lightspeed server.

Let’s see how many inodes each shared hosting package includes.

Inode Count

  • Single Web Hosting: 200,000
  • Premium Web Hosting: 400,000
  • Business Web Hosting: 600,000


If you are already utilizing shared web hosting, you are probably familiar with Cpanel. Hostinger does not use Cpanel, but instead has its own interface known as hpanel.

Both Cpanel and hpanel are control panels, although Cpanel is more widely used and is utilized by most hosting companies.

hpanel is a Hostinger-created custom-built hosting control panel that is remarkably similar to Cpanel.

Currently, hpanel provides practically all features such as domain management, file management, database management, access to phpMyAdmin, DNS Zone Editor, PHP configuration, import and migrating websites, and so on.

Hostinger claims that the hpanel architecture provides for substantially faster response times due to many layers of caching.

Free Migration

If you already have a website hosted somewhere, transferring it to another server can be a challenging operation.

However, hostinger makes it very simple. You only need your WordPress admin panel URL,, as well as your WordPress login and password.

Next, provide the name of your old hosting provider.

Migration will take some time, and you may have downtime of 2 to 3 hours, like I did.

Customer Support

If you require telephone service, Hostinger may disappoint you.

They do not provide phone assistance but do provide adequate email and chat support. As of now, I do not require their assistance, but I checked Trustpilot for feedback on their service.

Because the majority of users were pleased with their response, hostinger received a 4.2 rating on Trustpilot.

To learn more, I went to their support page and attempted to talk with them. However, I discovered that their chat tab was disabled, and they advised me to contact them via email.

However, because this case was for SSL assistance, when I switched to another tab and clicked on the site is down chat option, it was operational.

Based on my investigation, their general assistance is satisfactory. You don’t need to worry about customer service if your hosting uptime and speed are good.

Hostinger Pricing

If you are a fresh blogger, affiliate marketer, or someone looking for clients through website development, Hostinger pricing may surprise you.

Hostinger charges just 149/mo to host 100 websites with 100 GB SSD storage and a free name with SSL.

Please keep in mind that this discount is only available if you purchase hosting for four years. However, if you buy it for two years, it will only cost you $249 per month.

Instead of planning for 100 websites, start with simply one. According to Hostinger, the Single Web Hosting plan is the best option for novices.

The next option is Business Web Hosting, which includes all that Hostinger has to offer, from 200 GB SSD storage to a WordPress Staging Tool, Cloudflare CDN, and the ability to handle 100,000 visitors each month.

Here is the complete list of Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans.

Shared Hosting PlansSingle Web HostingPremium Web HostingBusiness Web Hosting
No. of Websites1100100
SSD Storage30GB100GB200GB
Monthly Visitors10K approx.25K approx.100K approx.
Free SSLYesYesYes
Free DomainNoYesYes
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%99.9%
Pricing (48 months)₹69/mo₹149/mo₹279/mo

This is the most affordable cost for shared hosting. In addition to shared hosting, Hostinger offers advanced hosting solutions such as cloud hosting starting at $799/mo for 300 websites and VPS hosting starting at 199/mo with 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD, and 1TB bandwidth.

You may also look at their cPanel hosting (starting at 139/mo), cyberpanel VPS hosting (starting at 285/mo), and Minecraft server hosting (starting at 639/mo).

Money Back Guarantee

Hostinger, like other hosting services, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means you can use Hostinger for one month and then get your money back if you decide it’s not what you’re looking for.

The industry standard is 30 days, and Hostinger is no exception. However, there are also other hosting providers where you can use them for free, such as Cloudways (3-day free trial).


I am confident that after reading this Hostinger India Review, you will be pleased with this hosting company’s performance.

Going with hostinger is not a bad idea. It is an excellent hosting option for novices and those who are striving to increase the number of visits to their websites. Because it is shared hosting, the cost is inexpensive, and there is no comparison to cloud hosting providers such as cloudways and hostinger. If you have extra money to spend, you can use hostinger cloud hosting or any other cloud hosting company.

However, in terms of shared hosting, this is a far superior option. If you have any further queries, please post them here or join our Facebook group.

FAQs about Hostinger India

Is Hostinger a reliable service?

People frequently inquire whether hostinger is a good hosting provider or whether it is suitable for India. So, definitely, hostinger is a really good option as a shared hosting service with years of experience in the field. Millions of customers constructed their first website and continue to develop more with its cheaper plans and quicker speeds. Pricing and server location in India are the answers to all questions for Indians.

How can I get in touch with Hostinger’s customer service?

Customers can contact Hostinger via chat or email. If you are considering purchasing hosting and have particular questions, you may contact them directly at

Is there a Hostinger server in India?

Yes, hostinger has a server in India, which is in Mumbai. If you get traffic from India, your website can load up to two times faster on the Indian server. If you prefer to pay in dollars, you can also go with

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