The Best Link Building Technique is Wet Clay Link Building

Wet Clay Link Building: Link building with wet clay: Do you want to create high-quality backlinks for your blog and rank first on Google and other search engines?

If so, then I’m going to introduce you to the wonderful wet clay link construction technique in this post.

This approach is useful. In comparison to other link-building strategies, using this one will enable you to obtain high-quality backlinks faster.


If you believe that using this technique will make building backlinks simple, you are mistaken. You have to work on this technique in order to obtain backlinks, so it is not simple. It’s also not too difficult.

We’ll see how.

I’ll discuss several clever link-building strategies in this article to help you increase the number of backlinks to your blog.

There are other alternative link-building strategies, including

  • Profile link building
  • Broken link building
  • Comment link Building
  • Outreach Link Building

But why am I discussing wet clay link building with you??

One of the best strategies for creating relevant and high-quality backlinks is this one. I’m telling you about this link-building strategy for that reason.

What is the Wet Clay Link Building?

To acquire high-quality backlinks from recently launched blogs in your niche, use the wet clay link building technique.

This is comparable to guest posting, however wet clay link building will produce results that are 80% more successful than conventional guest posting. If you can implement this method, you will receive links from 8 out of 10 websites.

I’ve been utilizing this link-building approach for a while now, and the results are fantastic.

How to Build Quality Backlinks using Wet Clay Link Building Strategy?

Like I indicated, it’s comparable to guest posting; however, the outcomes are 80% more favorable. That is why I argued that this tactic was the most effective technique to build high-quality backlinks.

I’ve found that if you use this link-building strategy to approach 10 websites about guest posting, 8 of them will accept you. Another reason it is the ideal link-building method is because they are also new to the field and want to establish strong ties.

You may establish strong relationships with other bloggers in your niche by building backlinks.

Trust me,

Building strong relationships in the blogging community is extremely beneficial for your blog.

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How well does this link-building strategy work?

I’m going to mention right away that it’s the best way to earn high-quality backlinks.

It sounds great, but how does it actually operate?

Are you curious to learn?

As a result, as is common knowledge, when someone writes a piece on their blog, they become more active in monitoring the feedback.

What then must we do?

We can now focus on those who have written blog articles in the past 24 to 48 hours.

People who write blog articles are willing to share links because we can connect with them even though they are not among the top results. “Hot Linker” is the term for these people.

In this situation, we can approach them and request a link by sending them the guest article, and they will agree.

Now that you know how it operates, I hope.

Let’s now look at how to put this strategy into practice.

How should wet clay link building be done?

You now understand the definition and methodology of wet clay link building. So it’s time to put this fantastic link-building approach into action.

Finding a recently updated blog is the first step, after which we can ask for a link.

So let’s begin.

Discover Hot Linker to obtain links

Step 1: Open Google and perform a general niche-related search. (Ex., if I am writing about blogging and SEO, I may search “start a blog” here.)

Step 2: Apply search filters now in order to find a recently published post (go to Tools >Time > Select the last 24 hours).

The posts that have been published in the past 24 hours are listed below. You must now approach them about writing guest blogs.

Pitch Hot Linkers

Find their email address on their blog before contacting them. You can usually locate their email on the Contact Us or About Us pages.

Try contacting them via the contact form if you can’t find their email address.

Tool to find contact Email

Additionally, you can discover their email using the application.

By inputting the domain name of a website or blog, this tool will assist you in finding their contact email.

We’ll see.

How do I use the tool in

Step 1: visit

Step 2: Click Find Email Address after entering the website’s domain to obtain the email address.


You can send them an email using the following template. For me, this model always works. I’m now telling you about it.


(First Name)

I’m following your blog from last few weeks and there are

amazing post, I was looking to contribute a guest post for your

blog, I know the style of your writing and my post will be more

amazing than you expect.

Otherwise, Keep Up your Awesome Work


(Your Name)

Your Website

You will receive a good response after sending this email, and if you don’t hear back, send a follow-up at least three times.

Prepare a guest post with 1500–2000 words that includes images, videos, and outbound links as well as performing on-page SEO for that piece.

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Make sure the quality of your article is high.

After finishing it, send it to them and inform them that I have included some links in this post and ask that you please give my website a do-follow.

They will now publish your article, and your blog will receive do-follow backlinks as a result.

Now that we have a hyperlink to our blog, we may pitch guest posts to as many other blogs as we can connect with.


How Does Link Building Work?

Yes, link building is still effective, and using this strategy will help your blog rank highly.

How do you get a natural backlink to your website?

The best and most practical method for obtaining natural backlinks to your website from high-authority sites is wet clay link building. Other link-building techniques are also available, but this is the finest.

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