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Verpex Hosting Review: Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Verpex Hosting In-Depth Review

Verpex Hosting Review: If you want hosting that is quick and inexpensive with the newest technology, you should try Verpex Hosting. I conducted an in-depth analysis of Verpex’s performance and created a review of the web host in order to provide you with additional information.

Verpex Hosting Review

Compare it to your former hosting provider after reading it through to the end. You will undoubtedly feel the need for this kind of hosting service.

Give Verpex hosting, which costs less than $2 per month and includes a free name, a try if you’re wanting to launch a brand-new website.

Why is Verpex Hosting the Best Option?

  • Superfast Speed
  • Lightspeed Web Server (not Apache nor Nginx)
  • 99.50% to 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Unlimited Migrations with no downtime
  • Free Domain
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Superfast Support with Live Chat Facility
  • Cpanel to Handle Everything
  • 12 Server Locations Across 5 Continents
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Verpex Company Information

After selling their hosting company to GoDaddy for four years, the Verpex co-founders started this project in 2019. It is a London-based private company. It has offices in London (UK), Bali (Indonesia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Lagos (Nigeria), and employs more than 50 people.

More than 240,000 websites in about 68 countries around the world are already utilizing Verpex five years after it was founded.

Cheaper But Faster

Let’s compare the costs with several well-known shared hosting providers, such as Bluehost, Hostinger, and A2 hosting, since we are unable to compare pricing with all hosting providers.

Price comparison of Verpex with Bluehost

You can see that Bluehost’s price starts at $2.95 per month on the left, while Verpex’s price is only $1.33 per month on the right.

Now let’s contrast the Verpex Silver plan with Bluehost’s Choice Plus package.

Three websites can be hosted for $5.45 per month; however, the renewal fees are an excessive $21.99 per year. While you can host 100 websites and renew for %5.25 per month with the Verpex Silver plan. Other features, such as free domains, apply to both Bluehost and Verpex.

Even more affordable than Hostinger is Verpex. With Hostinger, you can host 100 websites with 150 GB of storage for $4.99/month. Verpex charges $4.20 a month, and there is an extremely low renewal rate. When renewing with Hostinger, you must pay $11.99/month, while with Verpex, the renewal fee is only $5.25/month.

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A2 Hosting doesn’t provide a plan with 100 websites. For $2.99 per month, you can receive 100 GB of storage for a single website, and for $5.99 per month, you can have infinite websites and limitless storage.

Pricing for A2 Hosting’s shared hosting plans was lowered, making it competitive with Verpex.

Note: Verpex Hosting pricing is subject to change; view the most recent prices here.

Speed and Technology

Even if they were free, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to buy bad apples. Web hosting providers fall under the same category. If a website loads quickly, a low price has little meaning.

Running a website requires careful consideration of many factors, and if it loads slowly, all of your hard work could be for nothing.

The advantage of Verpex is that it makes use of the cutting-edge Lightspeed Webserver.

Older web servers like Apache and Nginx are still in use by some businesses. While Nginx and Apache are slower than Lightspeed.

With the Iron plan, Verpex promises an uptime of 99.50%, and with the Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans, 99.99%.

Verpex offers an infinite number of inodes. The number of files you can have on a single hosting account is indicated by the term “inodes count.” You may host massive websites more easily thanks to this Verpex function.

Multiple Server Locations

Verpex has 12 servers spread out over 12 different countries. Therefore, you must consider where your intended audience resides. From these, you can select your preferred server:

  • San Francisco
  • Toronto
  • New York
  • Sao Paulo
  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Singapore
  • Sydney

Better Security

Verpex takes the security of your website seriously. It makes use of the Imunify360 security suite because of this. This comprehensive security package for Linux web servers includes tools for domain reputation management, patch management, firewall, WAF, and PHP security.

This package offers defense against viruses, domains on blacklists, web spam, and malicious bots.

Additionally, Verpex provides a free SSL certificate, which is a must for any website. For sending emails, they also employ MailChannels or SpamExperts. This promotes the development of a mailing reputation.

Additionally, it makes use of the CloudLinux OS, which secures servers and isolates every shared account on a single server. Additionally, it guarantees equitable resource distribution on a shared server.

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Daily Backups

Every website needs backups since errors inevitably happen. Additionally, external causes like hacking and other problems might sometimes cause harm to our website.

If we have a backup of the website in this situation, we can easily restore the earlier, secure version of the website.

You need not worry about taking backups because Verpex stores backups twice daily.

Unlimited Migrations

Verpex also provides limitless site migrations to Verpex, which is a benefit. They won’t charge you anything and will handle the transfer job on their own, whether you have one website or a hundred.

Thus, you must be concerned with how to move a website from another hosting provider.

Additionally, they provide AutoSSL, so you do not need to manually install it. When your website becomes live, according to Verpex, their automatic SSL checker will deploy a free SSL every hour.

Support with Live Chat

You need a hosting firm that will constantly be by your side to tackle hosting-related issues if you operate your business online.

Verpex provides assistance around-the-clock and is accessible to you on weekends.

Verpex can be reached through the following channels:

  • Phone
  • Live Chat
  • Email

The quickest ways to get answers to your questions are via live chat and phone. According to Verpex, an engineer will be on a direct conversation with you to address your call-transfer issues. The platform also takes pleasure in resolving 99% of support cases.

Verpex has provided phone numbers for both the US and the UK. They also have a Verpex knowledge base where you can get assistance with frequent problems.

Additionally, they have a 4.7/5 rating and several excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

Verpex ratings on Trustpilot

Which Hosting on Verpex Should You Select?

Verpex mainly offers three types of Hosting

  • Web Hosting
    • Cloud Web Hosting
    • WordPress Hosting
  • Managed Servers
    • Managed Cloud Servers
    • Managed WordPress Hosting
    • Managed Magento Hosting
  • Resellers Hosting

Web Hosting

Cloud web hosting or WordPress hosting are your two options if you manage small or medium-sized websites or blogs.

Because it is shared cloud hosting, other websites’ websites will share server resources.

The four plans they provide for both cloud hosting and WordPress hosting are:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Managed Servers

Managed Servers are an option if you have a busy, huge website and don’t want to share server resources with anyone.

Managed Cloud, Managed WordPress, and Managed Magento are the three managed server categories offered by Verpex.

Which managed service you choose to use here largely depends on you.

You can use Managed Magento if you use the Magento CMS, Managed WordPress if you use the WordPress CMS, or Managed Cloud, which can be used for any CMS.

All three types of managed hosting have different plans; you can see the ones for cloud-managed hosting below and find more on the official website.

Verpex Managed Cloud Hosting Plans

The first month of its dedicated server or cloud-dedicated server plans costs $39.50; thereafter, they renew for $79/mo.

With a dedicated CPU and fewer resources needed, you should choose Cloudways Hosting, whose plans start at $10/mo.

However, if you decide to use shared hosting plans, In comparison to other shared hosting companies, Verpex Hosting is considerably faster and less expensive.

Reseller Hosting

You can resell web hosting space to other people by using Verpex’s reseller hosting service. Verpex’s reseller hosting is widely used and simple to manage.

Each package includes a set of cPanel accounts that you can lend to your clients.

You can also limit the amount of disk space, bandwidth, and email your clients are allowed to use.

The skilled engineers at Verpex will provide the same level of support to your clients as they do to you.

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Verpex is a new company on the market, but it is growing quickly. Despite being a new business, it employs a group of skilled hosting engineers.

In my opinion, Verpex shared hosting plans are the best option if you’re seeking for shared hosting.

Their dedicated hosting plans seem to be rather pricey to me. However, Verpex’s reseller hosting is impressive.

The cost of shared hosting rises as the business expands. You should seize this opportunity without further delay.

The first month is discounted by 90% at Verpex.

In addition, I want to update you on all our existing promotions:

1. Coupon code: AWESOME

Description: 20% OFF on all Verpex services (on first order)

2. Coupon code: MOVEME

Description: 90% OFF on all Verpex services excludes the advanced servers (first month)

3. Coupon code: Servers-sale

Description: 50% OFF on Managed WordPress, Magento dedicated Servers and D4-16 dedicated servers (first month)

Therefore, Verpex is a good option if you’re seeking for modern, quick web hosting but are still using older hosting providers.

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